World religions in summary

Posted by Elaine Ferguson

World Religions

praying ChristianWith or Without God

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are monotheistic religions, that is to say there is only one God. (Mono means one, and the tea means about god.)

Buddhism really has no god. The founder of religion, Buddha, is one important person and a teacher in wisdom, but not a god.

Hinduism usually counts as a polytheist religion, because you believe in several gods. (Poly means several.)

Many believe that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have the same god as well but they each have different names. These three religions believe that Abraham is the ancestor, that is, the founder of these religions. They are sometimes they are called theĀ  believers or followers These religions for Abraham’s followers.

praying buddhismCountries and followers

Christianity: is the most widespread religion with most followers, It has an estimated 2 billion followers. Christians exist all over most of the world, except parts of central parts of Asia and
North Africa.

Islam: Is next with 1.5 billion Muslims. Muslims are found in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Hinduism: Has around 900 million Hindus. Hindu is found mainly in India.

Buddhism: 400 million Buddhists exist mainly around Asia. Buddhists in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka but also in Tibet and China.

Judaism: There are around 15 million Jews in the world. Jews are found mainly in Israel and in the United States and parts of Europe.

Holy rooms/buildings

Christianity: The church

Judaism: The synagogue

Islam: The Mosque

Buddhism: A temple, but also altars at home with a statue of the Buddha.

Hinduism: A temple, every family also has a family altar at home

praying muslimHoly books

Christianity: The Bible, which consists of two parts, the Old Testament and New Testament. The bible has been translated into many languages. In short, the Old Testament is about how the world was created and prophets before Jesus. The New Testament is about life and work of Jesus

Judaism: In the Torah scolls are all the important scriptures, and include the Law which are rules from God and instruct the Jews on how they should live. For the Jews, too, is the Bible, the Old Testament is important and is known as the Bible or Tanak. It is written in Hebrew.

Islam: The Quran contains God’s exact words that Muhammad received from the angel Gabriel. Ideally, the Quran should be read in Arabic.

Buddhism: The sacred writings of Buddhism are called Tripitaka, the three baskets.

Hinduism: There are many holy books but the most beloved book is Bhagavad Gita.

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